This portfolio contains the main assignments from my first semester as a graphic design student.

Before every main assignment I have been introduced to the relevant subjects, tutored and challenged via weekly assignments that I have posted on my reflection blog.

One of the biggest challenges has been to develop an understanding for general design principles and apply them to my work, and at the same time learn the basics of design software like Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

My personal outcome is a starting point for my design intuition and a taste for the esthetic that probably will change as I evolve as a designer. But as mentioned above this is my starting point, and I am now able to look back and critique my own work based on my beginner experience.

The design style of this portfolio reflects who I am; a newbie designer playing around and making the most out of basic design principles. The layout is minimalistic with a white background and black text so it acts as a canvas for my design work.

The first part of this portfolio contains my interpretation of the tasks and my graphical work. The second part contains the reports I wrote when I originally delivered my assignments.


See the attachment bellow for my portfolio.




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