Opplysningskontoret for egg og hvit kjøtt wishes to make a brochure that shows some of the endless possibilities when using eggs as an key ingredient to make cheap dishes.



The brochure is meant to target students and young adults. My approach has been to use modern colors combined with a good amount of whitespace.

For the main headings I used a modern blocky sans serif typeface, like often seen in social medias.

For the recipes headings and some of the text I used a handwritten font to give the feel of hand made, since the people reading the brochure hopefully will try making the dishes them self.




I started by skimming trough some cookbooks I have to see if I got the feel of whom they were targeted against. I wrought down and drew ideas in notebooks, forcing my self to create several ideas for layout and composition. I experimented with colors by tweaking ideas on Adobe Colors website, to see what matched and gave med the feel of being targeted (since I’m an young adult and student, I’m targeting my self for this brochure).



Good design inspires me, regardless what the product is. It also helps that the design I’m looking at is targeted against the same group as my own product. For this assignment I got the inspiration and ideas from a combination of books about making coding websites and cookbooks.



My finished product puts it self apart from the cookbooks I’ve got in my bookshelf. I tried to design it a bit playful, but at the same time making it look professional. It’s especially important to wake up these emotions with the target group when they glance at the front cover, so that they want to pick up the brochure. My goal was to make the front cover look stylish, but not fancy. And at the same time make it look none expensive, but not cheap (design-wise).










I’ve tried to style the brochure to make it look modern. The block font is something you can se on modern types of content both on print and in digital media. I want the brochure to say that this is cool, and you can make these dishes with ease.

The front and back cover has elements clearly communicating that this is about eggs, and the recipes are meant to be cheap (egg carton and coins).

The inside of the brochure should give the reader a hint that this can be a playful and enjoyable experience, both making the dishes as well as eating them. The background texture is a picture of the inside of the egg carton, symbolizing that now the carton is open we can start cooking.



I’ve used three different fonts from two typefaces:

Ingra ExtraBold and Ingra Cd Extra Bold for the block letters.

These fonts have a look that often appears in videos and images that are aimed for a younger audience, like videos on YouTube or TV2 Humor. I added a texture on the biggest headings to make it look like it was printed directly on the egg carton.

This Typeface can be found at Adobes TypeKit (link in end of report).


Banau for a handwritten look.

In addition to contrasting the blocky typeface Ingra, the handwritten look goes well with homemade food. It look elegant, but not too fancy and thus not expensive.

This typeface can be found at Behance (link in end of report).




I started with a base color of yellow extracted from the yolk of an egg and used Adobe Color to find suitable colors with the triad setting. The four colors I used trough the brochure were Black/key, yellow HEX: FFB012 , purple HEX: 9723CC and purple HEX: 7B04B2.




I choose a 4-column grid per page/8-column grid across the entire spread. Different parts of the text are placed on the opposite side of each other on the same page.

Pictures are often placed on the opposite side as the texts on the two page spreads.

Front cover:

After sketching several ideas, I tried out different placements of objects before deciding on the composition of the picture. In addition to the eggs and carton, I used coins and a shopping list as an extension to the message in the under title “7 cheap easy-to-make recipes. Color grading and adding text was done in Photoshop.



On every page, except the spreads with the preface and Baconis recipe, I’ve used whitespace to make breathing room for the reader, making it easier on their eyes. To match the unleveled egg carton on the front cover, I placed thepictures of the dishes in the same way. The corners are bleeding outside of the frame to make is seem like the pictures are laid down by hand, matching the feel of handwritten and homemade.


Back cover:

Cropping the front cover picture, the egg carton is closed again and the cooking is over (for this time). Text is placed on the opposite side of each other.




Inspiration and technic for cover photo:

Ingra typeface:

Banau typeface:



“Graphic design School” by David Dabner, Sandra Stewart and Eric Zempol.

Unit Two: Fundamentals of composition

Unit three: Fundamentals of Typograhy


“LOGO DESIGN LOVE” by David Airey



”HTML & CSS – Design and build websites” by Jon Duckett



“Maten & kjærligheten” by Stian Jacobsen and Trygve indrelid.



“Fristende spansk” by Spektrum publishing (Original writer not mentioned)



“För – Mat uten mor” by Jørgen O Grann



“Knallgodt – Mat til hverdag & fest” by Marit s. Marvik




“PÅ STRANDA” by Martin André Kristoffersen, Ole Kristian Årdal, David Sviland, André Skjeggestad and Lars Jenssen.



Entire brochure:  brochure_02



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