Using InDesign, design a 4-page brochure for a fictitious travel agent.

  1. The size of the brochure should be A5 (when it is folded).
  2. Design the brochure in full colour.
  3. Use fake body copy, but create sensible headings.
  4. Use titles, headings and images of your choice.
  5. Be sure to pay attention to:
    • Choice of type
    • Choice of imagery
    • Use of layout and grid to communicate the content.



After sketching trough the following ideas I landed on the third layout.

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Since traveling to the moon would probably be very expensive, I wanted the brochure to communicate that this is a exclusive travel.

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To get a feel of the 1960’s moon travel and big epic movies I chose the light serif font “Bookmania” via Typekit.


I chose simple pictures of the moon to achieve a clean design layout. I used images from Pexels, since they’re common creatives. I designed the layout different ways for the three spreads to bring out three different emotions with the reader.

Having the moon covering over half of the front of the brochure, it should make the reader feel the moon is majestic. The second spread should make the reader feel like they’re jumping around on the moon, feeling it up close. By making the moon small and placing it high on the third and last spread it feels far away, in contrast to the other spreads. Hopefully this will create the need for the reader to buy a travel and go there.

Grid and Layout

I use a lot of whitespace to make it exclusive, but also so the reader would get a sense of the dark environment surrounding the moon. I gret deal of time went into balancing the symmetry/asymmetry of content on the spreads. The layout is clean, simple and silent, just like the moon itself.


The original brochure:


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