MA 02 – LOGO


This is a report for a mandatory school assignment. The following is a documentation of how I chose to solve it. The result is presented in this separate profile manual.


Anders Braathen and Even Vehla are starting a restaurant/pub that specialize in dude food and beer. My task is to design a company logo to use on signs, menus, business cards and other relevant materials.

Concept and target

The concept is to serve good quality food with complimenting beers for each meal. The dishes are to be cheap, around 100-150 NOK. The target group is young urban people form 18 to 35 years old interested in culture, food, design, trends and nightlife.

Research and work process

Creative methods

Mind mapping showed me that several of the required style expressions for this logo (set by the assignment) overlapped each other and therefore can be represented by the same elements in the logo.

Required style expressions:

  •   Hipster
  •   Letterpress
  •   Quality
  •   Homemade
  •   Professional

Inspiration Methods

I searched “Hipster cartoon” on Google to get reference material. I want to combine the word mark and icon by making the “&”-sign also look like a hipster.

By choosing letterpress font I also include elements of quality, homemade and professional.


How do the logos for similar businesses look?



The restaurant Naboen has the subheading: “Pub & Restaurant”. The logo shows to hands toasting with their beer mugs, indicating this is a place to relax and have a good time.

Henrik Øl og Vinstove


This restaurant only uses word mark as logo. The font does not tell me what kind of restaurant they are, what clientele they wish to attract or what price range they operate within.



Spisekroken restaurant uses word mark with borders over and under. For me this indicates quality and traditional food.



Moodboards portrait-vector-set-04.jpg shapes_728244.htm PNG/Movember_Stache_Handlebar_PNG_Clipart_Image#.WCorbHeDrAI Glasses-3-icon.png



As mentioned earlier there are some required style expressions for this task. Letterpress, quality, homemade and professional are all presented by the word mark in the logo. I could not find a suitable letterpress font, so I chose a sans serif at Adobe Typekit and added a texture to make it look like letterpress.


I worked the logo in the &-sign in the word mark. I Googled “hipster cartoon” and got some reference material and made the sign look like a hipster by adding a hat, glasses and a mustache. The playfulness also hint that this is not an expensive restaurant.


I search “hipster” on Adobe Color and picked three colors from a color scheme. The colors are after my opinion something you would see on a lot of hipster clothing.


The &-sign is made big to highlight the logo and at the same time the word can be split up in to two lines so that the entire logo has the form of a rectangle.


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