This week the assignment was to choose two words and make up a third and present it so the illustration would also express the meaning of the word.


First word: Eliminate

Looking back I chose a solution with a clear meaning, but the other idea I sketched had more potential to look interesting(and cool). I used a bold slab serif font to highlight the white-space eliminating cross. It also seemed appropriate to use a font type that is associated with an old obsolete era; The wild west. The text is black contrast the internal whitespace.




Second word: Expand

The solution I chose for this word would have been better if I was allowed to stretch the proportions horizontally, but I solved this by choosing the wide font type Blackoak Std. The gray text colour is to illustrate black being stretched out to gray, like butter smeared on to much bread.




Third(and made up) word: Dont’erstand

The word is short for not understanding something, and a question mark is a clear and presise way to illustrate this. To solve the technical part I used a very helpful tutorial on YouTube. The font Scriptorama Markdown JF was downloaded via Adobe Type Kit. The question mark was drawn on paper and imported using the Capture app from Adobe. Again the text colour is black to contrast the internal whitespace.




Looking back I could have played more with colours and found ways to fill the more of the canvases.


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