Learning Activitiy – Understanding Ideals

We were to visit a popular store or seek out a well known brand and look at their showcase in a smaller store(like the ones in smaller towns).

I chose the hardware brand BOSCH and looked at their power tools for home renovation presented at our local Jernia store.

There were 5 questions we should answer:


  1. What brand identity are they using in their logo?

They are using a bold word mark with red font color as their logo.


  1. What do you think their brand ideal is?

Their slogan is “Invented for life”, and they make tools that helps people get things done in their life. For me their brand ideal is to get things done.


  1. How do they remain true to their brand ideal within the shop?

Their products are presented like a tidy garage. The tools are easy to find, they hang on the wall ready for use and they have their cases stored under them. Accessories are presented the same way.

  1. Evaluate the customer experience according to the brand ideal.

They way they present the tools gives me the feeling I could just grab a tool, some accessories and start to make or fix something right away. You want to buy a tool, go home and take control of your material environment.


  1. Evaluate the visual display of the product according to the brand ideal.

If I had the money, I would just buy all the tools, including the rack they are hanging on, and place it just like it is in my garage. It’s the perfect setup for the shop as well as home.


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