LA-Creating a logo using Gestalt Principles

Task 1:

Look at the following 7-eleven logos and consider their shape, form and simplicity of design. The way they communicate and are recognizable.


They use word mark in the logos and different parts of the logo is in solid colors; orange, red and green. The shapes of the logo is solid block. The font is bold and all letters are capital, except the “n” in the second logo. Considering forms are usually 3D objects, there is no forms in the logo, unless you think of the “7” as a road seen from above.

Task 2:

Identify. In your own words explain what you consider 7-Eleven’s individual Gestalt principle to be. Describe the logo and put it into its own category.

I see both the gestalt principle closure and continuation in the first. The “7” is split into 3 separate parts in the first logo and 2 in the second one. The second logo I only see the closure principle.

Task 3:

Pick any 3 gestalt principles and recreate 3 versions of the 7-Eleven logo according to your chosen principle. Be creative and innovative with how you do it. Sketch, plan, do it by hand before digitally creating your favorite in a vector format.


I sketched many different ideas for logos and principles. Then I squinting my eyes to see witch of the logos was still recognizable. I picked out the following three logos and principles:







I chose the last one to make as a vector shape in Adobe Illustrator.


The logo is built this way for specific reasons. It’s a circle look like a clock. The parts where the color fills meet each other are at the 7 and 11 positions at a watch. The spiral symbolizes that most store now are open around the clock, and the colors are the same as the old ones because of the roots of the brand and the old logos.


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