Mandatory Assignment 01 – Design Principles



Interpretation of the task.

The assignment was to research and explore the following 9 design principles:


  1. Figure/Ground
  2. Continuation
  3. Closure
  4. Proximity
  5. Similarity
  6. Symmetry
  7. Common Fate
  8. Prägnanz
  9. Regularity


And then pick the three of them that stood out to us, come up with our own ideas to illustrate them and sketch them. Each of them should be made by hand with paper, pencil, a knife, paper and any other relevant materials and tools.


I chose the principles:

  • Figure/ground
  • Continuation
  • Closure



Research and work process


Creative methods

At first I searched on Google and Pinterest to se examples of all 9 design principles. Then I decided witch one I wanted to work with and started sketching ideas. I drew a lot of ruff sketches before landing on both idea and figuring out how I was going to draw them more detailed(and less ruff).



I have little to none experience with sketching, so I relay a lot on taking my time both planning and trying out different versions of the same thing. The second most important tool to me when doing the final sketh is a ruler. By measuring and putting in some endpoints/guiding dots on the paper I have something to help me draw symmetrical.







This was the concept I struggled the most with. Coming up with the ideas was not a problem, but to execute them was next to impossible for me. Therefore I chose this simple idea because it really highlight what the concept here is:

The figure has the same shape as the ground, but is turned upside down. By turning the sketch upside down every element in the sketch can be seen as two different objects.


I used the ruler to draw the main guidelines and I softened the corners by freehand.





Of the three principles I chose, this was the vaguest for me. The easiest and most clear way for me to illustrate this principle was to sketch something that could be perceived as to different things.


This sketch took the longest to get it looking right. The ruler was used to both measure up grids and setting up endpoints/guiding dots to draw after. In lack of a compass (math tool) I used a shot glass to sketch Newton’s cradle(or eyes, coins and heads, depending on how you see it.





This way of showing the closure principle has been in my life since I was a little kid. I used to play a game called Rayman and this videogame-character has no limbs. But you still se him as a whole person, not two hands, two feet, a stomach and a floating head. I chose to draw a cat to illustrate this.


I tried to use my whole arm when I sketched the circles to avoid making them look crooked. I drew very soft before darkening the main parts and using an eraser to clean up the sketch.







Inspiration Closure


Drawing circles:


Inspiration Continuation



Stick figure:

Newton’s cradle:



Batman/The penguin:





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