Moodle Map

The assignment was to draw a map of our Moodle(a site we log in to that acts like a classroom with forums, classmates, teachers, assignments, deadlines etc.). We were encouraged to be creative and think outside of the box when we decided how the map would look.

I started thinking of what the essence of the Moodle map was and how it could be transferred into a metafor. It’s like a lot of other webpages. You kan press one link, get directed to another link and so on. This links could contain valuable information and they were placed there by someone other than you.

Could Moodle be compered to a rabbit hole?

We were to use only pencil and paper to makes this (if only markers were allow to get the colors poppin’).

I started googling things I wanted to use in the map and landed on the following as references:

I drew a couple of sketches before taking the time to draw properly. Lakking the skills I compensate with time and hopefully got a goo enough result.

GRA1_ FM1GD1131_Assignment00_ Work_Methods_ToniGiskemo_26.08.16.jpg


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