It all started several years ago when I discovered I was fascinated with the fact that I could learn so much cool stuff like video-editing, make websites, graphic design and so on. The problem was that I was not disciplined enough to actually learn something, and the motivation was not there either. Things just seemed to hard to grasp. And in addition I won an online course/education within management and business economics at NKI Nettstudier. But I postponed starting this education.

Then the job insecurity came.

I got laid of my job at a Pizza factory and was forced to find a new one. I ended up selling insurances, or at least trying. I went door to door, tried telemarketing, left my business-card on random cars, but nothing worked. I bought books on self-help and selling, both on paper and audio. I watched clips on how to sell at YouTube, I always had TED Talks on when I was making dinner. I brainwashed my self to the point that my wife started to get scared, and yet I sold nothing… One day my boss gave me the “you’re a great guy, but this is not the right job for you”-talk and I was again without a job.

I started taking the education I won earlier to make my self more attractive on the job market. I got a temporary job at a local Nordea branch that lastet about 6 months before I again was without a job. At this point I decided that If I ever was gonna educate my self to a job I actually wanted, I had to do it ASAP. After working my ass of at the insurance company and failing miserably, learning to make websites didn’t seem so scary anymore.

After a few weeks I got my old job at the pizza factory back. I finished the education from NKI before starting a web design course at eCademy. Now the plan was to become a full stack developer and make a lot of money. But as I learned more and more about the field of web design, I understood that I wanted to work with just the front-end part of development and design, not with servers and back-end stuff.

Though I lack the skills, I like to draw, play and be creative. I want to explore several ways to express my ideas and find out how a best can communicate and solve the problems I’m presented with in future jobs. I feel I have a better understanding of what hard work means and I’m willing to keep spending time getting where I want to go, especially now that I’m finally on the right path.

The portrait below was created by laying a piece of paper over my iPad and drawing with a pencil using a photography as reference end then importing the drawing with the Adobe Capture app on my iPhone.


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